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“Stock Da Bar (SDB) is the manifestation of my passion to bring Good people together for an even greater cause"

Our event SDB started in 2010. My wife Debra and I got our basement renovated, with a wet bar built in it. I live in Grand Rapids, but I’m from Benton Harbor and kalamazoo. So I decided to invite my friends and family to our home for my birthday. We decided to have everyone bring a spirit to STOCK OUR BAR with and we would provide the food and entertainment. It was a good turn out of 30-40 family and friends. We did this each year. 

2013 we had over 150 people at our home. People came from Atalanta, Texas, Carolina, etc. My wife and I decided to wear t shirts that said MR. & MRS. Stock Da Bar on them. Crowd was too large for our home.

 So the next year, 2014 a friend of ours, Josh Ross, who also built our basement and bar, allowed us to have it at his home, outdoors. We decided to sell t shirts that said Stock Da Bar 2014 on them. We sold over a 100 t shirts. What I didn’t know is that they would wear the t shirts to the event, which they did. It was amazing, we had over 300 people at this event from all over the country. 

2015 we decided it was time to rent a venue. Once we secured a place to have Stock Da Bar 2015, we decided to charge $5 and bring a spirit. And proceeds will go to a cancer research organization. That was the start of our philanthropy and giving back. We got a committee together. We had a DJ, a catering company from Indianapolis,  A taste of home catering, Tony and Juanita Coleman. They said “Working together Works”. We were able to donate funds to Western Michigan University/Stryker Fund.

2016 we also rented a venue. This year we offered sponsorship packages to friends and family who have small businesses. We included their logo on all t-shirts sold, all social media outlets, etc. At this point we decided to focus our philanthropy efforts to go towards The Boys & Girls Clubs of America, but specifically the clubs in Benton Harbor, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. Three of the cities that I have called home. I picked the clubs because I grew up sending a substantial amount of time at the clubs, which kept me off the streets. Also for what the clubs provide, such as, to support educational tutoring, college tours and visits, education on financial aid assistance, and other educational services. My wife always donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, so we decided to include them in our donation efforts. 

2017 and 2018 we gained more momentum as far as getting more sponsors and donations. 

2019 was the 10th year of Stock Da Bar. So we labeled the event the (X) year. We now had a V.I.P area. With your ticket purchase included, the best DJ in Grand Rapids, PJ DA DJ, as well as a live Band. We had a free Photo Booth, provided by Hot-Shots. Again, catering by J&J A taste of home catering. Performance by Queens of J dance group. Free drinks, raffles, giveaways, etc. 

2019 we had over 350 in attendance from all over the country. It was our most successful year and event. We were able to make out most donations that we ever could.

So with 2020 event coming up, and transitioning SDB to “Pieces of Reece’s” non-profit we will be able to improve the quality of life for the youth of West Michigan by providing resources that will meet the needs of the impoverished and underserved.  

Through a partnership with the Boys and Girls, We have and will continue to provide donations to support educational tutoring, college tours and visits, education on financial aid assistance, and other educational services. A data collect process will be maintained by the Boys and Girls Club to substantiate the use of the donations.  Also give more to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. 

STOCK DA BAR PREMIUM VODKA started with me doing YouTube videos introducing people that I know to spirits only made in MICHIGAN. After about 8 videos I tagged Michigrain Distillery and Mike Bird. I reached out to him and he said keep you the good job. He said you ever thought about having your own Vodka. My reply was know one does that, because I have never met anyone that has their own spirit. From their with Michigrains help help, STOCK DA BAR PREMIUM VODKA went from a vision 

 to reality. It was a 10 month process. 

“Stock Da Bar (SDB) is the manifestation of my passion to bring Good people together for an even greater cause"

Live local, Drink Local, Support Local

Stock Da Bar is a Michigan Made spirit made in Lansing with Michigan grown red winter wheat. Our Vodka is fresh, complex, and flavorful. It’s good enough to drink on its own and we’re proud of that.

Grow the community

Stock Da Bar was founded by Daryl Demitrius Reece, a locally made man, and with every purchase from Stock Da Bar Vodka, a portion of the proceeds will go towards the boy and girls club of Benton Harbor, Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapids.

What keeps us going

We believe in the American tradition of connection. Stock Da Bar Vodka was created with the purpose of bringing people together, and we strongly believe that this idea will enrich the experience with our Vodka. At the end of the day, we want to help people drink better. By making the best vodka we can, we hope people will use it to create their own special moments. Cheers!


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