My name is Daryl Reece, I am the Co-owner, with my wife Debra of Stock Da Bar, LLC.  We reside in West Michigan where we were born and raised.  Since February 2019 we have worked with Michigrain Distillery, located in Lansing MI, to develop our own spirit. Stock Da Bar Vodka: a premium vodka made from red winter wheat.  Stock Da Bar Vodka is a vodka made in Michigan by Michigan made people. 

     Stock Da Bar Vodka was released on December 1, 2019 and is distributed by Republic National Distribution Company. We would love to be considered a potential supplier because we exemplify Live Local, Buy Local, Support Local. We donate a portion of our proceeds from each bottle of Stock Da Bar Premium Vodka to the Boys and Girls Clubs.

     We have sold over 1,000 cases of our Premium Vodka in less than a year. We are currently in over 100 stores in Michigan, including some SpartanNash stores, such as D&W, Family Fare, select Meijer stores, and Total Wine & More. We are in several restaurants and bars in Kent County and Metro Detroit area and growing. We are releasing another 200 cases under a new look, we are looking to work on getting distribution in other state’s. 

     Since 2010, the Reece family has been hosting regional fundraisers called, “Stock Da Bar” where guests are encouraged to “Stock Da Bar” with their favorite spirits. Proceeds from the yearly fundraisers go to local and national organizations benefiting causes important to the Reece family. In 2018, Daryl Reece decided it was time to introduce the world to a Vodka that exemplifies Living, Loving and Supporting Local. In Fall 2019, the Reece family introduced “Stock Da Bar Premium Vodka” made with the finest ingredients that Michigan has to offer. Following in the footsteps of the “Stock Da Bar” fundraisers, “Stock Da Bar Premium Vodka” also donates a portion of its proceeds to local and national organizations.


Five Core Values

  1. Act with integrity & respect.
  2. We are all accountable.
  3. We are passionate about our brand.
  4. We have a commitment to our customers & community.
  5. We lead with our heart & with empathy.


  • Black owned/Grand Rapids owned
  • Premium small-batch vodka
  • Distilled 6X
  • Supports the youth of West Michigan
  • Gluten free
  • Distilled from red winter wheat
  • All premium ingredients are grown and harvested from MICHIGAN!